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What are some things we took for granted during Lent that we appreciate having now?

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May 9
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May 12
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May 16
Confirmation Retreat Session 7 & 8 @ Indianola
May 26-27

How can we appreciate God’s gifts?

“Gratitude for the Lenten Journey”

By Kai Yamamoto

Lent, a time of reflection, a time to develop your relationship with God and those around you. In BYG, we learned about the three pillars of Lent, which are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. We also talked about what is one thing we could do for Lent that focuses on one of these pillars.

This year for Lent, I gave up playing video games (fasting). I play video games mostly to pass time and socialize with my friends. I really missed this social time with my friends, as some of my friends live in another state, so I am not able to do much with them while school is in session. But the thing I missed most was that I was able to pass time and mindlessly play video games, without worrying too much about what is going on in the world around me. This past week, while I was reading a chapter about Lent in a book called “Soul Feast” by Marjorie J. Thompson, the author talks about forms of fasting which are not related to food, such as abstaining from using social media, or for me abstaining from playing video games.  The author stated, “abstinence is to learn rightly to enjoy God’s gifts.” After reading the chapter, this sentence stood out to me. I thought about how grateful I am for video games. Although I get mad and upset at these games, I should always be grateful for all the people who poured in their time and energy to create these games. And I should be grateful for every single person who helped me get to the point of enjoying video games.

But as I began to think more about “learning rightly to enjoy God’s gifts,” I thought about my current role in BYG. I reflected on my time as a Youth, and how everything ran so seamlessly. Everything was so smooth, and there was no hiccups in our events and activities. And now that I help to plan these events and activities, I found a new appreciation for everyone who helped to make each event and activity successful.

Contact members of the Blaine Youth Group to purchase your own shirts, hoodies, and more in support of camping ministries!

“Confirmation Classes and Blaine Merch!”

By Kaylee Yokoyama

“Confirmation Classes and Blaine Merch!” hroughout April and May, the Blaine Youth Group will hold confirmation classes led by the Rev. Mia MiKyung Park. The purpose of the confirmation classes are for youth to reflect on their relationship with God and to reaffirm/understand the meaning of Christianity. There are a total of eight confirmation classes that will help Blaine’s youth explore their faith through journaling, watching videos, and reading scripture. At the end of the confirmation classes, BYG will head to Camp Indianola where the youth can further their understanding of God by spending time with one another, scripture reading, and participating in other faith-focused activities.

Edwin Santos, Lynne Onishi, Katelyn N., and Emma H. all sport Blaine Youth Group T-shirts!

The Blaine Youth Group is also excited to announce that we are selling BYG merchandise! This includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, tote bags, and stickers. BYG is planning on selling our merch to fund-raise for camping ministries. Thank you to Jem Tong for your time and talents in creating this amazing BYG merch! Thank you Blaine for supporting youth throughout various events! Please make sure to keep a look out for upcoming BYG events, news, and announcements.

BYG Director, Lynne Onishi, with a friend sport Blaine Youth Group T-Shirts. Be sure to support the BYG Camping Ministries this Mother’s Day and purchase some merch!

BYG meets on Sundays at 10:00 AM. We will gather in the Sanctuary for the beginning of worship service before transitioning over to the Nishida Room for BYG time after the children’s message.

Blaine Youth Group (BYG) is a place where youth (6th-12th grade) are invited into a loving community and celebrated as they are. BYG provides a safe environment for youth to build lasting friendships, grow spiritually, learn acceptance of self and others, express compassion for the world, and develop a love for God. BYG has a space for any person who is interested and all are welcome.


Wednesday Meditation & Prayer • Every Wednesday

The Wednesday Prayer group continues to meet each week. Our time together consists of a check-in question centering around United Methodist Founder John Wesley’s famous question, “How is it with your soul?” Our time together continues with a few readings from The Upper Room Magazine. Finally, we end our time together with a pastoral prayer. Join us!

Spring Reconciling Ministries Book Study • Every Thursday

The Reconciling team will begin hosting a new book study this Spring. We’ll read and discuss the book Outside the Lines by author and pastor Mihee Kim-Kort. 

Kim-Kort’s book explores the relationship between queerness and spirituality. Queerness is not only an identity that many of us hold but a lens through which we can begin to understand God’s love for us. 

Books can be purchased at the Church office for $16. 

This book study is open to anyone who would like to participate! The Book Study Group will meet every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM on Zoom. We will read and discuss one chapter per week and open up space for questions, reflections, and sharing with one another.

Zoom Christian Parenting Webinar • Thursday, May 9, 2024

Join us for a special Zoom Christian Parenting Webinar on Thursday, May 9 at 7 pm. Our guest speaker is Rev. Dr. KilJae Park from the Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church. Contact Rev. Mia for more details.

Mother’s Day Brunch • Sunday, May 12, 2024

Join us as we honor the women and those who identify as women at Blaine Memorial UMC on Sunday, May 12 from 8:30am-10am and then again, after worship. During this time, we will honor, remember, and show our love to our mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, wives, teachers, mentors, and all the women in our lives that have influenced and shaped us into the people who we are today. We need your help all men and those who identify as men at Blaine Memorial to prepare the breakfast beginning at 6am. Thank you to Howard Nakase for chairing this year’s Mother’s Day breakfast!

BYG Bake Sale, T-Shirt Sale for Camping Ministries • Sunday, May 12, 2024

Bake Sale on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12) in the Social Hall and T-Shirts (each $30) Pre-order Available till Sunday, May 12 Please email our BYG Directors for any questions. Thank you for your continued support!

Educational Scholarships 2024, Apply Now! • Due May 15, 2024

The Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church Educational Scholarships are designed to support the mission of the church through supporting a multitude of educational opportunities. We are proud to have helped students in their pursuit of continuing education since 1968. We encourage all applicants; from those just entering their next phase of education to those returning to complete or pursue continued education.

We are blessed to offer the following scholarships:

  • Vera Ing Scholarship
  • Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church Scholarship
  • Yasuda Scholarship
  • William S. Yorozu Scholarship
  • Robert and Lucy Sato Scholarship

Applications are available through emailing Blaine Scholarships or through the church office. All scholarships will consider, but are not limited to, elements such as grades (if applicable), personal essay, church participation and finances. Applications and two (2) letters of recommendation must be received no later than May 15, 2024 for consideration.

We are looking forward to applicants excited about pursuing their education.

34th Annual ACRS Walk for Rice • June 29, 2024

The ACRS will host the Walk for Rice on Saturday, June 29, 2024, at Seward Park starting at 9:00 am. Please visit (you’ll be directed to the ACRS WFR event page) and search for “Team Blaine” to donate online! Alternatively, you can mail your donation (checks made out to “Walk for Rice”, memo: “Team Blaine”) to the Blaine office. Thank you for your con-tinued support! Please contact Justine Ing for more details. Read more.

Everyone smiles for a whole Asian Camp photo in the camp T-shirt! This photo is from Asian Camp 2023. Contact BYG leadership for to register for this year’s Asian Camp!

Summer Youth Camps Schedule • See Dates

Jr. High Camp • June 23-28, 2024

Incoming 6th-9th grade

Camp Lodestar

6135 Blue Mountain Rd.

Wilseyville, CA 95257

Asian Camp • July 14-19, 2024

Incoming 10th- 2nd year college

Camp Gilmore

26801 Dorothy Drive

Calabasas, CA 91302

VBS 2023 provided quality time with our young people and adults alike. What are you looking forward to at VBS 2024?

Vacation Bible School 2024 • Four Sundays Save these Sunday dates for VBS!

  • July 28
  • August 4
  • August 11
  • August 18

Theme: Operation Restoration – Mending God’s World Time: 10 am to 12 pm, including lunch.

Registration: $20 per Sunday per child. Location: Blaine Memorial Church School Classroom.

Email: to enroll now!

“Letters of Suresh” with Dr. Stephen Sumida! • April 24-May 18

Dr. Stephen Sumida will be performing in what may be his last center-stage role! In “Letters of Suresh”, Sumida will play Father Hashimoto mentoring the main character through life and spiritual matters. Contact Dr. Sumida for more info!

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