Junior High and Asian Camps

Camp Counselors!

Blaine Memorial UMC has been involved in the camping ministries of the National Japanese American United Methodist Caucus (NJAUMC) for many years. The NJAUMC summer camps offer young people a chance to meet new friends, deepen their relationships with Christ, and learn to engage with the world as people of faith. Each year, our youth and young people at Blaine Memorial are invited to attend NJAUMC summer camps as campers and leaders. 

JUNIOR HIGH CAMP is geared towards incoming 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. We strive for our youth to leave with a sense of relationship to Christ through tangible and practical life applications.

ASIAN CAMP serves incoming 10th, 11th, 12th grades of high school and 1st, 2nd year post-high . Our hope is to allow campers to grow in their faith and identity through a space that is safe for them to connect, reflect and discern with one another.

Please visit the NJAUMC Camps website for more information: https://www.njaumccamps.org/

Summer Camps 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our summer camps went virtual this past year! We thought you may want to hear a little more about our summer camp experiences, so we gathered some reflections from our Blaine Youth Group (BYG) campers this year. Take a look!

Junior High Camp 2021

Our Blaine Junior High Camp (JHC) crew included 12 campers and five clergy and support staff! The theme “Love Is…” taught us ways in which we can love ourselves, God, and the people around us every day. Here’s what some of the campers from our church had to say about JHC this year:

 â€œI learned a lot about loving God. I think my favorite part was being able to meet new people and having fun.”

 â€œI learned that there are many types of love, not only the romantic kind. I really enjoyed fun day Friday when we did all sorts of fun games and activities and got to meet new people, some who are not from my growth group. I also enjoyed the sharing show and got to see what talents some of my fellow campers have.”

 â€œI think that the counselors’/directors’ positive attitudes/positive energy made JHC very fun for us campers this year. I learned that even though JHC was online this year, that we can still express lots of different types and forms of love to ourselves as well as others/ the people around us.”

Asian American Summer Camp 2021

We sent a group of five campers, two counselors, two directors and five clergy and support staff to virtual Asian Camp (AC) this year. Through our camp theme “Draw Me Close” we learned about the importance of relationships in our faith journeys. We reflected on how the pandemic has affected our relationships with ourselves and with others. And we talked about the importance of communities and how knowing God leads us to practice love and justice in the world. Here are a few thoughts from some of our AC campers this year:

 â€œI have really enjoyed getting to reconnect with old friends.  Every camp experience is such a grounding one.  Even with everything going on in life, I count on camp to ground and reaffirm my faith.  Virtual camp especially has given me a sense of schedule and purpose that often is missing when other plans become hectic.  Camp provides a space of quiet reflection that allows me to focus solely on my friends, myself, and our shared faith while leaving the daily stressors behind at least for a few hours. Finding time in between full-time classes and other college obligations has been challenging but has only made the time spent at camp more rewarding.”

“Camp this year has allowed me to reflect on God’s presence of love and care through my relationships with people in my life. I have learned to be vulnerable and bring that into my everyday life. I have also been able to reflect on the qualities that make my relationships meaningful and valuable, and how they have evolved over the past year.”

“My favorite thing about AC has been the worship music and discussions. I loved the Social Justice Program where I learned ways in which communities are where justice occurs, and how to contribute to fulfilling and liberating communities.”

If you have questions about our youth summer camps, please contact BYG Directors Lynne Onishi & Lawrence Paltep.

Lynne Onishi – lynneonishi@gmail.com

Lawrence Paltep – lawrence.byg@gmail.com