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Blaine Memorial Youth peel and chop apples to make apple crisps. Their work will help support families at Kimball Elementary School.

BYG focuses on gratitude and service

By Kaylee Yokoyama, photos by Kai Yamamoto

Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Meal
Nov. 19
Apple Crisp Making
Nov. 19
Mashed Potato Making
Nov. 20
Kimball Delivery
• Nov. 21

As autumn leaves are falling down, we are putting the pieces into place and focusing towards acts of service. As the Blaine Youth Group has been known to do in the past, we’ve begun honoring Thanksgiving as a time of gratitude and service. During mid-November, BYG will prepare and serve Thanksgiving meals for families at Kimball Elementary. We encourage the youth to extend grace to our community through acts of service.

This time of the year is a busy time for lots of families. As we approach the season of giving, Thanksgiving is a time for our youth to remember what they are most thankful for and how they can use their gifts to serve others. 

With our youth balancing school and extracurriculars, it can be difficult to manage our priorities and maintain our faith. BYG intends to continually remind the youth to give grace to others, whether at church, school, or home. We should always give thanks. BYG wants to emphasize the fact that stewardship should not only be highlighted in our faith during the month of November, but year round. We plan to continually remind and offer opportunities to be stewards through various projects throughout the year. 

Thank you Blaine congregation for continuing to support youth throughout various Blaine events! Please make sure to keep a look out for upcoming BYG events, news, and announcements. 

BYG meets on Sundays at 10:00 AM. We will gather in the Sanctuary for the beginning of worship service before transitioning over to the Nishida Room for BYG time after the children’s message. 

Blaine Youth Group (BYG) is a place where youth (6th-12th grade) are invited into a loving community and celebrated as they are. BYG provides a safe environment for youth to build lasting friendships, grow spiritually, learn acceptance of self and others, express compassion for the world, and develop a love for God. BYG has a space for any person who is interested and all are welcome.

Contact Information:

Director of Youth Ministry: Lynne Onishi

Associate Directors of Youth Ministry: Kai Yamamoto and Kaylee Yokoyama

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