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Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost Comments Off on Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

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Order of Worship

Aha Bushi
Mako Willett
Welcome of Grace and Greeting
Rev. Karen Yokota Love
*Call to Worship
Based on Psalm 133
Rev. Karen Yokota Love
*Opening Hymn
As the Deer (x2)
TFWS #2025

Michelle Vaughan, Neal Komedal, and Miriam Tong
Opening Prayer
Rev. Karen Yokota Love
First Scripture Reading
Matthew 15:21-28 (CEB, JLB)
Jordan L., Tsutomu Nagoya
Children’s Message
Sai Hanaoka
Special Music
Amazing Grace
Leann Onishi and Mako Willett
Second Scripture
Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32 (NRSVUE,JLB)
Jordan L., Tsutomu Nagoya
God’s Irrevocable Gifts and Calling
Rev. Mia MiKyung Park
Hymn of Reflection
God Will Take Care of You
UMH #130

Michelle Vaughan, Neal Komedal, and Miriam Tong
Introduction to the Offering
Rev. Dr. Jeney Park-Hearn
Offertory Music
Traditional Okinawan song
Leann Onishi and Mako Willett
Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow
UMH #94

Michelle Vaughan, Neal Komedal, and Miriam Tong
Prayer of Dedication
Rev. Dr. Jeney Park-Hearn
Rev. Karen Yokota Love
*Closing Hymn
In the Garden
UMH #314

Michelle Vaughan, Neal Komedal, and Miriam Tong
Rev. Mia MiKyung Park
17th Century Irish Piece
Leann Onishi

Sermon Questions

  • What’s a good way for Christians to react when they know God’s gifts and calling are unchanging? How does this make them feel about their life’s purpose when they feel unsure or worried about their lives?
  • What would be a good practice to affirm that God is always faithful in our everyday lives? How does it change the way we make choices, relate to others, and see things?

Upcoming Lectionary Scriptures

Monday, August 21, 2023:
Semi-continuous: Psalm 130; Genesis 43:1-34; Acts 15:1-21
Complementary: Psalm 87; 2 King 5:1-14; Acts 15:1-21
Tuesday, August 22, 2023:
Semi-continuous: Psalm 130; Genesis 44:1-34; Romans 11:13-29
Complementary: Psalm 87; Isaiah 43:8-13; Romans 11:13-29
Wednesday, August 23, 2023:
Semi-continuous: Psalm 130; Genesis 45:16-28; Matthew 8:1-13
Complementary: Psalm 87; Isaiah 66: 18-23; Matthew 8:1-13
Thursday, August 24, 2023:
Semi-continuous: Psalm 124; Genesis 49:1-33; 1 Corinthians 6:1-11
Complementary: Psalm 138; Ezekiel 28:11-19; 1 Corinthians 6:1-11
Friday, August 25, 2023:
Semi-continuous: Psalm 124; Genesis 49:29-50:14; 2 Corinthians 10:12-18
Complementary: Psalm 138; Ezekiel 31:15-18; 2 Corinthians 10:12-18
Saturday, August 26, 2023:
Semi-continuous: Psalm 124; Genesis 50:15-26; Matthew 16:5-12
Complementary: Psalm 138; Ezekiel 36:33-38; Matthew 16:5-12


Neighborhood Community Meeting • Tuesday, August 22 • 5pm-6pm

The City of Seattle will host a Neighborhood Community Meeting on Tuesday (8/22) from 5pm-6pm in the Lee Activity Center. The purpose of the meeting is to give the neighbors an opportunity to voice the ongoing challenges with our homeless neighbors and the mental health challenges in our local neighborhood. District 2 Councilmember Tammy Morales will be present as well as other vital community partners such as Kimball Elementary School and our neighbors. You are invited to come to this meeting to support our neighbors, community, and Blaine Memorial UMC. We will open our doors at 4:30pm to the public. The meeting will begin promptly at 5pm. Hope to see you there!

Next Sunday: Scholarship Sunday Worship (with BBQ and a BYG Bake Sale afterwards) • Sunday, August 27 • 10am

We’ll celebrate this year’s Blaine Memorial UMC scholarship recipients of the Vera Ing Scholarship, Blaine Memorial UMC Scholarship, Yasuda Scholarship, William S. Yorozu Scholarship, and the Robert S. Sato Scholarship. Immediately following worship, we’ll have an End-of-Summer BBQ and the BYG will host a Bake Sale to celebrate! Congratulations … we’re so proud of you! The proceeds from the BYG Bake Sale will benefit Camping Ministries.

Kimball Elementary School to Reopen: Ribbon-Cutting Event • Thursday, August 31 • 4pm-6pm at Kimball Elementary

Blaine Memorial UMC is invited to Kimball Elementary’s Ribbon Cutting event — we’ll help Kimball celebrate completion of the new Kimball Elementary School building! • Thursday, August 31, 2023 • 4pm – 6pm • Ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4:30pm with guided tours to follow.

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Associate Pastor Reflection – August 2023 Comments Off on Associate Pastor Reflection – August 2023

Associate Pastor Reflection – August 2023

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Pastors Mia and John are enjoying to celebrate the Independence Day with the girls at the Columbia Center.

Associate Pastor’s Spiritual Reflection

The Beauty of Responding and Reflection

By the Rev. Mia MiKyung Park

Life is a series of anticipated and unexpected events that shape and test our abilities to resist, adapt, and be flexible. How we react to these events greatly influence our overall well-being and growth. While our initial reactions may be instinctive and immediate, it’s essential to learn the beauty of responding and reflecting, so we may navigate life’s challenges with grace and wisdom.

I love to plan out events, so when I encountered an unexpected event or when something doesn’t go as planned, I become upset with overwhelming annoyance, fear, or frustration. This summer, I experienced many events that did not go as I planned.

My plan to have my mom and a sister in June ended up including my mom, three sisters, and one brother-in-law. During the pandemic, my family’s ability to host guests diminished. I thought having two guests at a time would be manageable and thought it would become a great opportunity to begin hosting families in the future. Having five guests at once for three weeks was a challenge for sure, especially when they had to adjust to a different time zone. It created so much stress and frustration, that I began to blame the situation that I couldn’t control or to resent something that I feel I created. My spouse John and I had a couple of intentional conversations because of what we observed from each other in those situations caused us overwhelming stress and frustration. We remembered Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Later, we managed to respond to situations with more gratitude and flexibility by learning to pause, take a step back, and objectively assess the situation instead of reacting with frustration and annoyance. This allows us to make an appropriate response, rather than being driven by our immediate emotions as a reaction.

Pastor Mia and the family had a wonderful time at Wallow Lake Camp In Oregon one of the United Methodist Camps site. The family was amazed by the beauty of the PNW.

Now I am reflecting on my family’s visit, which I couldn’t ask for more. The visit was blessed, beautiful, but chaotic. Each day was full of sharing, laughter, and tears. There were some days when I just needed a separate break from the family, which reminded me that what I feel and experience is important, but it’s even more important how I express it.

The family drove alongside of the Columbia River Gorge area where the family kept shouting it’s so gorgeous!

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us, “So then, if anyone is in Christ, that person is part of the new creation. The old things have gone away, and look, new things have arrived!”

During the time of reflection, I ask myself: How did I respond initially, and why? Did my response align with my values and long-term goals? What can I learn from this event? By contemplating these questions, I gain self-awareness and clarity, enabling me to make positive changes and avoid repeating past mistakes. The time of reflection provides me with an opportunity to learn from my experience, gain valuable insights, grow as a new creation, and deepen my understanding of the sovereign God.

We recently finished Vacation Bible School 2023. It was certainly a time of growth as individuals and as a community through the lessons of our “Food Truck Party”. I am grateful to all who participated with hands to serve, time, donations, and prayers.

VBS Leaders and Shepherds lead the VBS campers with Food Truck Party in song and dance!

The August Bible memorization of the Church School is Micah 6:8, “He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

I express my gratitude to all who serve and love our children, youth, and young families.

Let us continue to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God!

The Rev. Mia MiKyung Park serves as the Associate Pastor of Blaine Memorial UMC.

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Innovation Hub Update Comments Off on Innovation Hub Update

Innovation Hub Update

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The Innovation Hub hosted a viewing of “UnUnited: Fighting for LGBTQ Inclusion in The United Methodist Church” with discussions and fellowship.

Continuing talks, connections

By Lynne Onishi

This summer has been full! June and July were jam-packed with activities, youth camps, hikes, and film screenings. I also attended our Pacific Northwest Annual Conference Session in mid-June, celebrated Pride Sunday with other Seattle-area reconciling UMC congregations and attended my first Minidoka pilgrimage. I’ve also been inundated with a series of Supreme Court rulings that have devastating consequences for young people of color, students of all ages, and queer folks. It’s been joyful, frustrating, uplifting and exhausting all at once.

Amid all this, I’ve been thinking a lot about how the Church often fails to connect with young people. My conversations with Blaine young adults, my fellowship cohort in DC, and other ministry colleagues across the country have led me to question the way the Church often frames these struggles. I see churches asking, “How do we attract more young people? How do we convince young people they need the church? How do we get young people to commit to the church?” Though these are valid questions to ask, I don’t think they get to the heart of the matter.

I’d like to see the local church asking more self-reflective questions, like: “What’s the role of the local church? What is the purpose of our particular church community in this neighborhood at this time in history?” Once a church can identify its context and solidify its calling, it can begin to ask different questions. For example, a church may discern that their purpose is to foster community and connect people to the Divine. They may identify that they have a unique calling to be multi-generational, but they are missing a generation of young people. Instead of assuming young people need the church, what if the church asked young people what they needed? The church could ask young people how they want to be welcomed into community or how they connect with God. This leads to an entirely different model of ministry that’s rooted in the local church’s identity and purpose but doesn’t make incorrect assumptions about young people.

During our PNW Annual Conference session in June, I listened along as Bishop Cedrick Bridgeforth boldly proclaimed that the Church is getting out-churched by other organizations and groups that are reaching young people far more effectively. And I must agree. There’s so much the Church can learn from other communities. The Innovation Hub team at Blaine Memorial is in a unique position to listen to the needs of young people, learn from other community organizations, and find ways for the church to provide for these needs. But we hope this spreads beyond our small team. To sustain the goodness happening at Blaine Memorial, we need to begin asking different questions on a church-wide, neighborhood-wide, community-wide scale!

The IH team and RM Task Force are always looking for new folks to join us. If you feel called to lend your voice to these important ministries, we invite you to join us at our next team Zoom meeting. Please contact Lynne or any of the other team members for more information.

Our Innovation Hub film ministry and Reconciling Ministries teams hosted a documentary and discussion event. We watched the film “UnUnited: Fighting for LGBTQ Inclusion in the United Methodist Church,” which chronicled the story of the 2019 General Conference. The film included several interviews with United Methodist pastors and church leaders from across a spectrum of viewpoints. We learned about the UMC’s struggle to include and advocate for LGBTQIA+ persons, and we had thoughtful discussions about our role as a United Methodist congregation.

Contact Lynne Onishi (lynneonishi@gmail.com) with questions about the Innovation Hub team or Reconciling Ministries.

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Innovation Hub hosts virtual film screening event Comments Off on Innovation Hub hosts virtual film screening event

Innovation Hub hosts virtual film screening event

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Innovation Hub hosts virtual film screening event

By Lynne Onishi

On July 18 and 19, the Reconciling Ministries (RM) team hosted a virtual film screening event. Using Zoom to bring everyone together, we watched the documentary film “UnUnited: Fighting for LGBTQ Inclusion in the United Methodist Church” and had a discussion about the film and our own experiences in the UMC. The documentary follows the story of several faith leaders as they head into the historic 2019 general conference of the UMC. These pastors guide us through the history of LGBTQ+ exclusion in the denomination since 1972, and they offer context as the film crew captures footage from the 2019 conference.

After watching the one-hour film, we stayed after to reflect on what we learned. We shared questions about the future of the denomination and the future of our beloved church. It was a beautiful expression of our community coming together to share stories of hope, despair, grief, curiosity, and support for one another.

If you’d like to see more virtual film events in the future, let us know! Contact Lynne Onishi or anyone on the RM Team with comments and suggestions.

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VBS 2023 Food Truck Party inspires and uplifts! Comments Off on VBS 2023 Food Truck Party inspires and uplifts!

VBS 2023 Food Truck Party inspires and uplifts!

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This year’s VBS provided quality time with our young people and adults alike. What was your favorite moment?

VBS 2023 Food Truck Party inspires and uplifts!

By the Rev. Mia MiKyung Park

Thank you VBS leaders, participants, parents, and attendees! During the week of Vacation Bible School, volunteers gathered every morning for devotion and prayer. It was a truly humbling experience to serve alongside a diverse group of individuals, both seen and unseen, who dedicated their time and efforts to this year’s VBS. The collective contribution of these volunteers was instrumental in creating a memorable and impactful event.

Sally S. and Terri P. provide healthy meals for our children.

There were countless individuals who played vital roles behind the scenes, working hard to bring everything together. From the talented hands that crafted the decorations, including the food truck, to those diligently creating the daily special signs and lending their fish kites, their selfless acts of service were evident. Additionally, there were those who generously donated decorations, and others who invested their time and energy into setting up the gym. The commitment and dedication of various leaders and volunteers were one of the main strengths at our VBS. Station leaders, section leaders, shepherds, lunch chefs, and those involved in making name tags and sending out communication emails, all played crucial roles in the smooth operation of each day’s activities. It truly took a village to serve VBS.

Kaila A. leads singing during the VBS Debrief Meeting.

As the days progressed, it was amazing to witness the transformation of the children, particularly the younger ones, as they engaged and interacted with their peers. VBS provided a nurturing environment where they could grow, learn, and connect with one another. The seeds of faith and friendship were sown, and it was a joy to see these young hearts blossom as they participated in various activities and embraced the teachings.

Rev. Karen helps John create a container to weave yard.

Reflecting on VBS 2023, I am reminded of Psalm 126:5-6, which beautifully captures the essence of our experience: “May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy. Those who go out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, carrying their sheaves.” I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve and be a part of VBS 2023. The collective efforts of volunteers, the enthusiasm of the children, and the blessings we experienced have left an indelible mark on my heart. May the spirit of VBS continue to inspire and uplift us, as we carry the lessons learned and the joy shared into our lives beyond this memorable week.

The children at VBS learned about science, too!

The Rev. Mia MiKyung Park serves as the Associate Pastor of Blaine Memorial UMC.

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BYG Update – August 2023 Comments Off on BYG Update – August 2023

BYG Update – August 2023

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The BYG leadership team poses for a group photo at their leadership retreat last year (August 2022). We couldn’t do BYG without our leaders and directors!

BYG Update

By Kai Yamamoto

Upcoming Events

Bake Sale
Aug. 27
BYG Leaders Retreat
Sept. 9
Rally Sunday
Sept. 10
Camping Ministries Sunday

As we progress through the summer, the Blaine Youth Group has been taking a break from our regular Sunday morning meetings. Although we have not been meeting on Sundays, our youth have been able to gather and fellowship together!

Prior to BYG’s summer break and youth leaving for Junior High Camp, BYG gathered one last time to fellowship and prepare for the summer!

The JHC campers and adult chaperones gather for a photo at the airport before taking off for camp.

This past June, we sent eight youth to JHC, where they were able to spend a week together growing and developing their faith together at Camp Lodestar in California.

Our BYG also helped at Vacation Bible School this year! They did a wonderful job guiding the campers in their faith journeys and walked alongside Jesus throughout the week. At VBS, the youth could be found shepherding and helping as station teachers.

BYG also held a room cleanup day! We gathered the youth together for fellowship and clean the BYG room as we prepare for next year. It is always great to start the new year with a clean room! We organized several different drawers and bins. We also vacuumed and cleaned the furniture and floors to give us a fresh start for the new year of BYG!

Lawrence, Kaylee, and Michelle support BYG’s Bake Sale!

BYG is also planning a Bake Sale this August! As the youth are already preparing to go to camp next summer, the funds from this bake sale will help provide the youth and their families an opportunity for them to go to camp! Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you at the bake sale!

As fall is rapidly approaching, the BYG leadership team will be preparing for the next school year. Like last year, the leadership team will gather for a retreat to reflect on past years of BYG and begin plan for this next year of BYG. BYG leaders will continue to meet throughout this summer and brainstorm ideas for future BYG nights and events.

BYG will not meet on Sunday mornings throughout the month of August. We encourage youth and families to attend worship together at 10:00am in-person or via live stream!

Blaine Youth Group (BYG) is a place where youth (6th-12th grade) are invited into a loving community and celebrated as they are. BYG provides a safe environment for youth to build lasting friendships, grow spiritually, learn acceptance of self and others, express compassion for the world, and develop a love for God and neighbor. BYG has a space for any person who is interested.

Director of Youth Ministry: Lynne Onishi, lynneonishi@gmail.com; Associate Directors of Youth Ministry: Kai Yamamoto, kai.yamamo@gmail.com and Kaylee Yokoyama, kaylee.yokoyama1@gmail.com

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