Sports & Wellness Ministries

Sports & Wellness Ministries at Blaine Memorial UMC!

Join us for great fun, great exercise, and great fellowship in a non-competitive environment.

All team sports practices and games will be held in the Blaine Memorial UMC Lee Activity Center (LAC).

Tai Chi also practices in the LAC. Yoga practices in the Social Hall

Asian Volleyball League (AVL)

Fridays 7p-10p

Regular Season

October – April

This is an all-level, adult, co-ed league. Competes with other Asian church teams. Playoffs held at end of April. Interested in joining? Please contact Bruce Miyake at

Asian Volleyball League (AVL)

Fridays 7:30-9:30pm

Spring Session


This is an all-level, adult, co-ed league. Competes with other Asian church teams. No playoffs.

Interested in joining? Please contact Bruce Miyake at

Blaine Basketball

Sundays 2-4pm


All are welcome! This is an all-level, all ages, co-ed group that likes to get together in community to play basketball and have fun.

Come join us! Please contact Rev Dione with questions:

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Though originally conceived as a martial art, it is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: competitive wrestling in the format of pushing hands (tui shou), demonstration competitions, and achieving greater longevity.

Classes taught by Jack Tabuchi and take place each Thursday morning at 10am in the Lee Activity Center (LAC). Questions? Want to join? Contact Jack at

UMC Volleyball

Sundays 3p-4p

Spring Session (10 sessions)

February 12th – April 2nd

This is an all level; all ages, co-ed league however best suited for middle school age and older. Collin Ikeda is the point person for Blaine coordinating with Rev Stan DePano. Want to play? Please contact Collin at


Mondays in the Social Hall

Increase and improve your mobility and balance. Learn to use the breath to center the mind and aid relaxation.

10:00 Yoga.  This is a general yoga class offering a slow, gentle approach to strengthening and stretching the body through mindful movement.

11:30 GentleYoga.  This class focuses on movement and balance with the aid of props such as chairs, bolsters and straps and is particularly geared toward seniors and those with limited mobility.

Contact Gayle Miyake at if you have questions or are interested in joining.