Lord’s Table

We want to thank the following for all their gracious help with The Lord’s Table Ministry for the month of October, 2012:

For the 2nd Monday Lord’s Table serving on October 8th we thank Helen Nicdao for purchasing the food,
supplies and socks for the serving.

For cooking and preparing the meal, we very kindly thank Marianne Tada, Pam and Stan Haruta, Julie Lock,
Lisa Mar, Shirley Miyake, Gayle and Brad Miyake.

We sincerely thank Pam Haruta for coming in and putting the spaghetti in the oven to warm it up before the
serving time.

For coming down and helping to serve the meal we lovingly thank: Mike and Marion Fukuma, Akemi
Miyama, Toshiko Miyama (Akemi’s mother), Shizue Watanabe, Martha and Kenji Onishi, Sara Kosugi,
Lorne Ricord, and Kay Abe.

We also want to thank Mike and Marion Fukuma and Sara Kosugi for helping load the food/supplies for transportation and for helping with the washing of the food containers.
The 3rd Monday Lord’s Table on October 15th, for cooking and serving the meal, we lovingly thank
Cho and Sharonne Shimizu, Laura Kato, Lorraine Hoshibata, Julie Kanemoto, Ryan Kozu and his
bible study group friends (UW).