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Blaine Memorial Receives Community Voice Award from the International Examiner

Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Church News & Events

On Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at the Tea Palace Restaurant in Renton, WA, Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church received a Community Voice Award for Outstanding Organization by the International Examiner. The International Examiner was established in 1974 ad is the only non-profit Asian American publication in the country, serving the Northwest Asian American community.

We learned that Blaine Memorial was the first Church to ever be given a Community Voice Award. We are deeply humbled by this honor.

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Reverend Derek Nakano, senior pastor, offers these words and reflections. “In accepting the award for all of you, I said that I was accepting this award not just for us in our present day ministry, but that I accepted the award for the 108 year history of Blaine memorial and its very important work not only with Japanese American and Asian American communities in the Pacific Northwest, but also with our global communities as well. For what is most important for us to remember, and what I was thinking as I stepped up to receive the award for all of you, is that we stand on the shoulders of generations of faithful men, women and children who built, sustained, supported and sacrificed, that they might have a ministry and a legacy to pass on to the future, and to us in 2012.”

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