Taste of Japan Fundraiser!

Taste of Japan Fundraiser!
Blaine Youth Japan Team 2017 welcomes friends, family and neighbors to our “Taste of Japan” Luncheon Fundraiser. This special event will take place on Sunday, May 7th from 12:30-3:30 pm at Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church Lee Activity Center. Our “Taste of Japan” fundraiser includes a Japanese themed lunch, Youth team sharing, Entertainment, Silent Auction and Dessert Dash.
“Taste of Japan” Luncheon event will help support this year’s BYG High School Youth team. Our team consists of 6 BYG High School youth that include Jem Miyake, Mariko Ronan, Kathleen Singleton, Kyrie and Jenna Tong and Malia Yamamoto and Pam Nakano as Chaperone. We will travel to Japan for a Cultural and Justice Education Trip from July 9-21, 2017.

We will also partner with 10 High School youth and 5 Chaperones from the Wesley UMC in San Jose. This is a unique opportunity and first time trip to Japan for all our youth participants! Our plan is to take in, experience and learn as much as we can about culture, customs, religion, history, and current concerns and issues of the people today.

Tickets are now available for sale after Sunday Services or through the Blaine Memorial UMC Office at blaineoffice@yahoo.com.

Ticket prices are $30 for adult; $15 for children 11 years and under

Thank you for your support!
~ Blaine Memorial – Japan Youth Team 2017