January 26 Celebration Sunday


Ikebana Flower Arrangement

This Sunday, January 26, join us for one worship service (English and Japanese).

10:00am:  Celebrating Blaine Memorial’s 110 Years of Ministry  &

Honoring 88+ Years of Living – For the Japanese and Japanese-American communities, the number 88 is significant, as the kanji (Japanese character writing system) for this number is the same character as the word rice- beiju, being referred to as Rice Celebration, which remind us of how vital these persons are to us in our lives and communities and celebrating the great abundance and blessing they have received in their longevity.

11:30am Potluck Luncheon:  A part of our celebration will be another tradition: Potluck! Food assignments are as follows:

A-M main dish and rice/dish 

N-Q main dish and salad

R-Z main dish and dessert